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Pak Bagus, seorang dosen di fakultas Psikologi bilang, jika ingin memastikan bahwa seseorang itu jodoh Anda, coba tatap matanya. Apa Anda melihat keabadian? Kalo iya, kemungkinan ia memang jodoh Anda!

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Ethical Attempts Toward People Maintain PR Reputation Well

What do you think the PR profession could do to improve the seemingly negative opinions that journalists and general public have about PR profession?

Public relations is the way of company, institution, or organization to establish and maintain a good relation with the media, stakeholders, employees, and societies in order to create a mutual understanding. A good organization must have a good PR as well. Therefore, PR is necessary. It is the only option for companies mandated to engage with wide-range of people, and conduct a communicative approach with them.

By this far, PR has been getting positive appreciation from the people towards its undertakings for the company. Yet, negative perception among societies about this profession is uninevitable. For this reason, they, as PR managers should reduce these opinions, or at least uphold this issue to not growing bigger. They can really remove it because positive-negative opinions should live together and cannot be really gone except the company has found its end.

There are many ways to control public opinion. One of them is to keep holding on the company’s ethical standards. Eventhough, there are lots of buzzes deployed outside of the company, PR managers should be able to keep focus on what they do ethically. As long as they can keep up with ethical manners, the bad opinions about a thing will reduce or be gone for itself. These standards are being respectful, honest, independent, loyal, fair, and expert. These are explained as follows:

The most essential standard is being respectful. PR managers should respect communities around the company. The decision should be considered based on public – in a manner that does not jeopardize company and not create a conflict with public interest, public dignity, and public rights. Thus, the company runs as if it works from the people to people. They just need to remember that company’s reputation is held by the public power of opinions.

Secondly, PR managers are human beings. To be a good human being, a person should not lie to each other. PR managers should be transparant in sharing what is really happening and should not mislead information. It does not have to be very open with the public – there should be a confidential information,  yet they should at least give correct and quick responses by excusing, justifying, condoling, relabelling or denying – as long as it does not put people’s lives at risks.

Thirdly, PR should be independent. Company should be able to execute large programs. Thus, the company should do practices and conduct pseudo-events in order to prepare them to any possible things that might happen during the real process. PR managers also have to understand the complexity of making good relationships with people. They shoud be dynamic and in-depth in making connections with them. For instance, PR managers want to deal with media. They should know about the theory of Agenda-Setting which proposes a corellation between media and public, stating that an issues published based on the same interest between media and public. For this reason, PR managers should monitor what kind of issues growing in public which might be newsworthy and deal with that by doing a good communicative approach.

Fourtly, loyalty to a brand can strengthen the power of PR managers. PR managers may know what public likes, dislikes, hates, prefers, however they are not sufficient if they cannot represent the goodwill of the product. It is important to know both, what people interests and how good the product is. Hence, as making decision or events, PR managers have understood about the situation and minimize the critics that might rise caused by a misleading understanding.

Fifthly, like the first and the third ethical standard, fairness and expert have to be embodied on PR managers. As a company which was built in the middle of society, all the decision-makings should be considered in a fair way, at least find a win-win solution. Doing so, PR managers should have capability in understanding what public needs as well as the what the company wants.

In a nutshell, inadequate opinions about PR profession will be easily decreased if the PR managers do all attempts ethically. PR managers are expected to not disadvantage other people (including company’s stakeholders, media, government, employees and society). All the decisions and programs should be beneficial for both, people and company. They should be smart in doing heavy programs in accordance with company’s reputation as well as in managing issues and crises, and able to build a good communication with them. They should comprehend about the product and the company very well so that they will be easily accepted in society. Also, PR managers should be wise to share which information that people want to have in an accurate way. Concequently, more polite manner conducted towards people, less bad assumption appears from the people.

Back to Live A Life


It’s been a while not sharing here. i had been so busy seeking schools, and preparing all requirements to study abroad. You might be thinking now that i am typing in another land, another space, another country. Well, i am still in our adorable motherland, Indonesia, guys. :)

It is a long story to tell such a journey like mine. Yet, it’ll be cool to share a life-lesson to all of my friends. 

Guys, that was for the very first time. Things would not work out the way they were supposed to for me. What i want should be what i should have. But, i did not know why it was so difficult to just enroll to one of those universities. Maybe, it was not the right time to go or it was me who was not credible. That got me second-guessing myself. Doubt and discouraged. The heart was so exhausted as well as my physical strength.

I was not drowning too deep to this kind of problem. i still had a plan B to take. Even though, everyone recognizes that the plan B is not as good as the plan A. Still, the plan B must be second best. So, here i am. I’m taking master’s degree in such a cool school in communication in Jakarta. Man, i love communication. I love this school too. A thing that i love the most is doing an international examination to plan a campaign/strategy under a course named Strategic Issues Management under Edith Cowan University supervision. Cool, right? things that i had not had in my previous university.

Well, it got me thinking that it’s because public universities insist the students to be more independent. Maybe, i am right. Because, i see my self different. I don’t have to wait someone forwards his/her assignments through e-mail to help others brainstorming or imitating the writing-format. I do all things by myself. I listen or read the instruction, ask the lecturer, and do it. That’s the good thing from public university though. Nevertheless, private universities are way more dynamic in curriculum, more practical, and more challanging. It’s just less in encouraging students to study more.

Uh.. but that’s not the point of telling the life-lesson. What i am going to say is that you are allowed to be frowned once you get failed but don’t be too under. Things won’t work out does not mean you get out but it’s just a step closer to an answer other things going to turn out. It always works that way. Life must go on and every end is a new beginning.

Head up, plan up, live up.

So, are you willing to be courageous enough to take it and see what’s possible?


Lots of love,



Soulmate Is Definetely for Everyone

Sticking with an old cliche that says “soulmate does not go anywhere” is right. Everyone has destined to have someone to love to each other. The soulmate will come exactly at the right time, on the right moment, and at the right place. All that matters is that you should believe it.

I almost gave up on chasing up a true love, though. Yet, the other side of me said that “the levee will break if it keeps on raining”. So, i believed that i would reap in due season. I would have the one that i had been thinking of. The one who i gave my love for. The one who i wish i shared a house with. I would. However, what can human do? We can only have a plan, God sets everything up.

Guess what now! Do i get all those things i wanted? I bet you expect the same with me, but the fact is that i got the other one. Other one is way much better. He came at the moment that was so right. The time when i was in stage of heavy emotion that i couldnt bear alone. Thanks, God. He is mature and helpful, and handsome, and smart, clean, religious, affective, loyal, protective, responsible, honest, and freakingly has an eye to detail. Shit! Things i hate about him are he is a selfish lion, stubborn, a big head with unarguable arguments. And always own the debate big time. Argh, and i love him so much. Yeaha, the last part should be a good one. Haha
What i am going to say is that those who you think they are good for you sometimes show the opposite, and it also goes the other way around. Um… Clear to say, our wishes won’t always be true, yet better things will always be.

After, been going through life so that long, finally i find myself taken. Haha gross. But that is true, im taken, arent i? So um.. Definitely, soulmate is for everyone, people! Just wait for your time to come!

Um… Another thing is that after you find the love of your life, love him passionately. Surely he comes up to your life for a reason. He is a gift. But, if you find yourself unhappy, this isnt because your love hurts you, it’s because of happiness aint a destination, it should always be a journey. Dont you ever think that after getting what you want, happiness will follow. It’s no. So, Brace yourself, and dont be discouraged, love seekers!

Lots of love, Lita.


Home is where I can eat a lot

Home is where I can cry a lot

Home is where I can sleep too much

Home is where I can hope too much

Home is where I can laugh too loud

Home is where I can sing too loud

Home is where I can share everything to my parents

Home is where I can discuss everything with my parents

Home, why I keep returning?

Home, why I look ugly?

Home, why I feel lazy?

Home, why I plant hopes?

Home, why always exciting?

“if love is only exist on my dream, don’t wake me up.”

Last night, Mel had a dream again about love. A love that she doesn’t really get in her real life. A love that she really can’t feel in the reality. She gets hurt, she gets pain as she tries to fall in. therefore, the dream last night was the second time for her to feel the happiness of love. Someone told her that he really loved her. He held her hands, stared at her eyes, and said that he wanted to be with her. Nothing to feel except being grateful of what she felt. She felt love. A happy love. A happiness that she couldn’t find in the essence of love in her real life.

That was the second dream. The first dream was really blowing Mel’s mind. It was just as happy as the second. Mel was proposed. “What on earth was my dream last night” said Mel. Mel was surprised by a man in a suit bringing a ring on his right hand. Very gentle. Mel was never ever felt this thing. Mel never dated someone. Mel was the first time to dream about a settlement. Mel was the first time to feel a happy love.

That was just a dream, Mel. That was just a sleep successions of images, ideas, emotions and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. That was nothing.

She realizes that she has been in love but what she has been getting is pain. She has been crying so much. She has been killing.  She doesn’t want to give a name for love with bad thing. She appreciates love. She serves a good love. Then, she never chases for the pain. She wants to be chased for those who needs a good good love. She is not giving up. She just tries to protect the essence of love itself. Gentle and sweet.

If she never gets what she wants to get. If she never gets like the other get, she says:

“if love is only exist on my dream, don’t wake me up.”