Creative Writing Flash

I have had blogs before but i created another on WordPress to fulfill the partial assignment of Creative Writing class. It is a bit confusing . Maybe, it is because i am not used to it but surely,  i will try to be used to it. 🙂

By the way, talking about Creative Writing. What is it actually?

Personally,  Creative Writing is a kind of writing which can be considered to be any writing, fiction, non-fiction, or poetry. To be a writer you should be creative to get readers’ attention. That is why, i am not getting any followers yet on my last blogs. Maybe, it is because i am not creative but maybe it is because they have no creative taste. haha It is not important to tell anyway. 😐

Before i go any further, let me begin with a simple statement,

“Adjective is relative”

You can say to me that my writing is not considered for either one (fiction or non-fiction). Some of you might think that my writing seems like a text which is written under intoxication but others might think mine is good. Whatever it is, it’s your rights to give comments to my writing and what i can say is “adjective is relative”, pals.

What is my experience in writing and reading creative texts?

I have enough experiences in writing creative texts. Before Twitter is popular, i always wrote about life stuff on Blog. I blogged everything and even i also took part on one of Facebook’s features called Notes where you can share what ever you like in paragraphs. Couple months ago, i also created an account on Tumblr. I posted everything there. kinda exciting. but because since Twitter is considered as a  mini-blog and i think this is more exciting and of course simpler so that i am leaving my blogs and active on Twitter. it owns my heart. ah! who’s the founder of Twitter, anyway? haha what i posted on Blog were short stories, quotes, simple poems, etc.

…and reading creative texts always i do. I am really sure about it. I read journals for my paper references and i read friends’ works.

Are writers born, made, or both?

My father said to me that i can be a good writer by practicing everyday. Start in little things to big things. From that, i firmly believe that writer is made.

How writing affects my daily life?

It can affect all of aspects in my life.  I mean, i can’t just sit down and see the blank pages on my laptop or paper. I write. I can’t imagine a day without writing. even though isometimes i write about something which does not need to write but this is addictive. Twitter is my disposal. but since, WordPress is a main menu in Creative Writing class, i won’t take it for granted. get an idea? blog it! get the grades!

The purpose of the creative writer in contemporary society?

In my opinion, they want to show their skills in writing, develop their talents in writing, share experiences, knowledge, and information.

Will i continue to write creatively when this Creative Writing class ends?

This is an easy answer. Yes, i will keep writing. why not? It does not jeopardize people (if i don’t mean to). So, i’ll keep doing it and maybe i’ll feed my works on this blog by monetizing it. looking for an ad to promote my blog then visitors who visit will be counted. More visitors, much money i will get. haha i am not good at business. so, mind to be my partner later, businessman?  *failedplan


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