si je regarde la tour de Eiffel avec mon homme
si je tombe l’Empire State avec mes amies
si je promene au Sydney avec ma soeur
si je vais le Makkah avec mes parents

si ce n’est pas un imagination
si le distance n’est pas loin
si j’ai beacoup d’argent
ah si… tout est facille.


Scramble the Sky

The morning starts with a new blank page in the sky. And I taste my lips are bleeding. And I run to my room. I see them on the mirror. They’re bleeding. I wipe the blood and it really hurts. My mother runs closer to me.

“What is going on, dear?” why are you running?” asks mom in worried tone.

“It is okay mom, I just coincidentally bite my lips while bitting the bread” my smile is curving. Then, mom leaves the room as if she is getting the wrong gossip, leave with getting nothing.

I sit on my bed. Still staring on the mirror. I try to remember what happened last night. With the angel. The kiss and the warmth that she gave. I look at the mirror again, stare the sky then the sun shines so brightly through my window as if saying to remember me to scramble the sky as soon as possible for the angel. Ah! I run faster than ever.  I run and I ask.

“Dear my angel, were you on my dream last night? You bit my lips, eh? It is okay. Pain is only making me stronger” and I will scramble the sky right now. I put pink crayon and paint the words.

“Because only the sky that can calm me… and also my heart” big grin I throw to the sky. Then my mother is coming with a glass of milk for me.

“Dayu, Dayu should drink the milk, it is getting colder”

“Thank you, mother” I take the glass and drink it till the last drop.

“Dayu, are you okay? Why are you always running to the garden and act as if you paint—“

“Ah! I scramble the sky” I interrupt her.

“Ye..yeah. like you scramble the sky”

“I scramble. Mom, can’t you see there?” I point my finger to the sky but it is gone simultaneously. I know what it is. I know that my angel does not let mother know about this affair. I know that my angel erases the scramble. My mother looks at me with confused and sad look to me. She walks me in to the house.

It is Sunday, and it is holiday. I like being at home. So, I take my paper and I am back to my room. I write. Mother always checks me every minute and bring any foods and drinks to me. Mother persuades me to go out from the room to watch movies or walk out to the mall. But, I am not interested in that at all.

until the night is coming and I prepare to go to sleep. I lay my body and I stare the roof. My mother is coming again and checking me up, I close my eyes right away.

“Sweety, are you asleep?” I don’t answer and she turns off the lamp and goes out.

I start to wait my angel to come and accompany me to go to sleep. Like a couple. I start missing her right after she left me after the kiss last night. This is the feeling. Ah! I am a teenager. I’m falling in love. Falling in love with an angel and how lucky I am to be loved back with her. she is mine.  An angel who becomes an idol for a thousand girls and boys in the world.

Night is now darker. I imagine to have a great date with my angel. I… I kiss her. Why do the kiss have to be sweet like that? Because it is with the Angel. Hehehe I’m embarrassed.

Suddenly, I see a spark of fire behind my curtain. I jump off my bed and I open my curtain and I see a beautiful angel, my beautiful angel. My beautiful angle is burnt with fire. Ah! I scream. I open my window and go out from the window.

I run faster than I can to catch my angel. My angel is crying, trying to get a help from me. I grab her hands through the fire but I can’t catch her hands. I scream louder. I am frustrated.

“Oooh c’mon grab my hands. Don’t get burnt!!!” the fire is burning my hands but I don’t want to feel it for my angel’s sake until the next morning I open my eyes and see 6 pairs of eyes look at me with their masks. Ah! my hands are burning like hell. I am crying out loud. I see my mother in the corner. She is crying.

“Mother! Come here! Why did you stop me to save the angel?”

“Dayu, wake up sweety! There was no angle in the garden last night. There was nothing”

“Mother, I don’t want to be rude with you. But, this is my angel, she was getting ill and burnt and… where is she?” I try to get up but some hands hold me.

“Dayu, I don’t care with the angel was burnt or not but you were burnt. Your hands…”

“Mother! I prefer to not have you than I lose my angel” right after I say that words, my mother yells at me out loud

“you burned your self, you put the light to your hands, you brought the match from the kitchen, you burned your self. You burned your self”

My mother cries and goes out from the room. I? I am silent.

no answers

this is unfair or this is tricky?

this is life where we do not know of its plan ’till time always takes a part to answer.


this is called passion or too forcing?

you are a human being who do not know what goes right or wrong.


but why should i love someone who has already had a girlfriend?

bien venue to the irrational world, baby.


The heart was red,

It was lot of love and it was splendid

It was strong and it was thrilling

It was pure and it was big thing


The heart is blue

It is cracked and bleeding

It is petty and is ruined

It is grubby and… broken.

Apologizing Heart.

I can’t avoid the devastation
I can’t avoid the destruction
And yes, I hold the principle of the gravitation.
To fall.
“fall” in and (rapidly) out.
–I’m sorry to always make you on disaster
I yearn for rescuing you from this bad
I can’t hold myself seeing you broken
And i can’t hold myself seeing you under
But heart, please, be tough!
go through the agony and I’m sorry, you get a lot of misery.

Jessie J – ‘Who You Are’ Review

Jessie J – ‘Who You Are’
Touted as a UK’s answer to Lady Gaga, Jessie J – real name Jessica Ellen Cornish started on the spotlight by her first debut single ‘do it like a dude’ last november 2010. She had been working hard behind the scenes, helping by writing songs for Chris Brown, Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguliera, Justin Timberlake, and Rihanna.
The album was released on 25 February 2011 in the UK and on 12 April in the US. Due to high demand and interest from fans, the release date was pushed ahead by over an entire month, from its original 28 March 2011 release date.
It begins with ‘Price Tag’, featuring B.O.B that leads on the chart Billboard 100 on #24 position for 4 weeks. It leads #1 on UK chart defeates her school mate, Adele with ‘Someone Like You’. Price tag is a song with a catchy R&B with upbeat tune and a bit reggae. The song talks about people who always has an opinion that money is everything, infact money can’t buy people happiness. People always want to get much money in life so she says on the chorus  (“ain’t about the Cha-Ching Cha-Ching, ain’t about the Ba-Bling Ba-Bling”). The cute lyrics put on this song is the main reason why it is so catchy to listen to.
Different with Price Tag, the next single of Jessie is more slower and more considered as inspirational song for people. in this song, she tries to tell that everyone may have problems and people should not give up of it. Never surrender and try to be okay.  
Abracadabra’ may be somewhat nonsensical and ridiculous (“I gotta have ya like abracadabra”) proclaims the chorus.
Other songs are Nobody’s Perfect, Big White Room,  Casualty of Love, Rainbow, Who’s Laughing Now, Do It Like a Dude, Mamma Knows Best, L.O.V.E, Stand Up, I Need This.
In this album, she cooperates with Dr. Luke, Toby Gad, and K-Gee. The album first-week sales of 34,000 copies.
Sean Adams of Drowned in Sound  was equally gives negative comment, he wrote that the album “is riddled with so-called vocal performances that are a half a step above an X Factor audition”, called it “a starchy soulless slop” and eventually described it as “an ‘urban’ ‘pop’ record made to fade in the background in lobbies and cafes, and, yeah, mandem-mandem, squawk, squawk”. Haha
Other hand, Andy Gill from The Independent noticed “the distinctly transatlantic nature of her style” and praised the songs “Do It Like A Dude” and “Who’s Laughing Now” . (Lita)


written on April 28th, 2011.

Fire and Water

who said that fire and water cannot be in the same place? this is it. an accidental moment that i captured 3 weeks ago on one of water spectacles in Singapore. this was not an edited picture or some effect that i put in. this is real, cool, and awesome. how free the water was that can spurt freely to the sky and the fire that the hotness can be felt by our skin burning in the air. so dramatic. i could hardly believe that the spectacle would show two contradictory elements on the one theme. this was showing us that nothing is impossible. this impossibility can be possible if we take it on the right way for a good purpose. so, see how incredible it is, huh?