Silly Promise

A bare promise by two persons in the break time in one of high schools.

(A: a smart boy who has get one chair for the fall semester in the prestigious university, UGM.
B: a second grade of senior high.)

A: hey I love you so much…. Catch me at UGM right after you done the national examination
B: of course. Then?
A : then hell I’ll graduate from college and we’ll marry. If we’re always together, it will be easy.
B : sure. I’ll catch you there, years later we’ll marry.

Months later in july, A starts to attend ugm and classes are being so busy. Less communication with b and much communication with c. Who’s c ? I don’t care but a gets totally in love with c. What happen with b then? Somewhat called galau.

Lesson: please! Don’t talk about marriage when you are not enough experiences and not ready for this plus please do such a promise like this at least you’re not wearing white-grey uniform.
Ps: jsyk, when i was in senior high, my job were just doing homeworks, and having acnes, dear.


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