Tumbling Saturday

I was in a good mood on Saturday morning. I woke up at 5AM and prayed. Usual activities that I always do every morning. Because it was Saturday and it meant holiday so that I didn’t think I should go back to sleep. I swept my 3×4 room and cleaned it. After that, I washed my clothes. Bombastic clothes I’ve ever had. But, I did it.

The house-works were done. Finally. The butterflies on my stomach rebel. Ah! How life was hard that I had to think harder for deciding what foods I would have. Then, I passed Dunkin’ Donuts and decided to have a breakfast there. Hmm sounded fun, huh? Not yet until the story continue, pals.


One sandwich and one glass of tea.

I took a seat in the corner so I would have a little privacy. No, I did not open any porn websites or something then I did not expect people to know what I watched. Ah silly! I just wanted some space for only me. That’s all

Open the laptop, connect the wi-fi, plug in the cable, and “blackout”. That is why, I’m sitting here,  on internet café to blog. I still don’t understand why the electricity causes a big problem like this.  I have no laptop anymore.

Lucky me to have a father like him. He understood the circumstances and tried to solve this problem. His kindness made me jump out from the seat and went straight after his calling expecting me to go see him in Solo. I mean, what? Are you kidding me? Even I had not eaten any bites from my lovely sandwich. I did not care. I put my sandwich to my bag, and drunk one sip of my tea then drove my motorcycle to the train station. I got a ticket and waited for 10 minutes for the train coming.

I sit, put my headset, and volumed up. Umm, I was touching the inside of my bag to take my sandwich and oops! The sauce and the mayonaise were spilting over my bag. Great! Aaaaaah


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