My Friend, I Plead…

here is an old draft from Poetry Recital 2 last semester with member Dewinta Mentari, Dily Maulidya, Sri Rahmawati, and my self.

My Friend, I Plead

I remember the days

We were laughing, holding hands

Together we laid, no lies

Working, teaching, reaching many dreams

Dancing under the moonlight, sitting under the big trees

We wish this will never ends

You are my knight, I keep the light inside

You sang a song for me

And I played music for you

We had so much fun

You are the saviour to my loneliness

Can always party on our own

Turning the dark sky into a thousand lights

And live my life flavours

Had been so many tastes

Together, without any burden outstreching

But then, I saw him, as yours

In the same time, he is just mine, belongs to me

Can I just blame you?

You love him just right after me

I say yes after he said the same to you

My friend, this is

But I was a fool, Everything was dreadful

You grabbed my hand but, I slapped

I was shouthing at your face, you deserve it, you are a fake!

You, dissapointed, cried stared at me; you left,

Thought that everythings come to an end, nightmare!

We were desert, that was disaster

Indeed, I plead I am sorry, my friend, my colours, my flavours

Without you, it is painfu, I am lost,

Would we just stop the pain? Agony?

And let it away along through the rain?

I’ve never thought how I can live without you holding

Spinning around, meaningless, wandering

When I am falling, no one cares and offers a hand

Can’t barely speak, even just simply stand

When I am happy, I wonder you beside me to share, blend

Oh, it’s gloomy, you know

I feel like all alone, and it’s painful!

And I am really, reallysorry, my friend. My love

I wonder if you’ll let me call your name. As the old days of us

My friend, I plead…


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