One Last Man I Have

You’re strong, as strong as my bone

When it’s getting dark, you put the light on

you were born to keep me shinning on

i contemplate back and forth, indeed,  i never feel alone

so damn many men come and go

so damn many fake hearts do so

i ain’t gonna cry, no

because, you’re still standing for me, i know

lost three men in my life, it’s  bitter

Havent found any sincere men, it’s  darker

Trying to keep you till 1000 years later

Oh my one last man i have, Father.


If one day i find my man to live with, you keep in number one

If one day i have a new man, you are still who i want

As long as i have no other (yet),

You’re my one last man, father.





Birthday give for Papa’s 52nd Birthday

 Lita- June 23, 2011.


4 thoughts on “One Last Man I Have

      1. yang sastrawan bapak bernardus hidayat lhoo
        bukan eka ndaru hidayat
        No I don’t have any bad experience with him,though he’s barely home,I know he loves the family
        nitip selamat ulang tahun buat papanya lita

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