This was one of assignments from Francais Class in which we had to make a poster related to invite those who are interested in a kind of activities ordered on the poster.

The first big line is the sign what the poster is about. “L’association des Jeunes (19-21ans)” means The Teenager Association (19-21 years old)”

The next line is the tagline or the mission of the association. “Utilisez votre Samedi-Dimanche pour les activites… Au revoir solitaire!” means “use your saturday-sunday with activities… good bye loneliness”

6 numbers in the middle of the poster are telling about some activities that will be conducted on this association.
1. Discussion sur les films classiques (discussion classic movie)
2. Ensemble, jouant au football (together, playing football)
3. Soiree Fete (night party)
4. les activites sociales (social activities)
5. le tourisme culturel (cultural tourism)
6. et bien d’autres activites (and many other activities)

the last words put on bellow of the page are telling about the Contact Person that might be possibly contacted.

there is no story behind this picture. this is entirely for partial fulfillment of Francais class.

designed by Arum Pudyolaksono


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