Jessie J – ‘Who You Are’ Review

Jessie J – ‘Who You Are’
Touted as a UK’s answer to Lady Gaga, Jessie J – real name Jessica Ellen Cornish started on the spotlight by her first debut single ‘do it like a dude’ last november 2010. She had been working hard behind the scenes, helping by writing songs for Chris Brown, Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguliera, Justin Timberlake, and Rihanna.
The album was released on 25 February 2011 in the UK and on 12 April in the US. Due to high demand and interest from fans, the release date was pushed ahead by over an entire month, from its original 28 March 2011 release date.
It begins with ‘Price Tag’, featuring B.O.B that leads on the chart Billboard 100 on #24 position for 4 weeks. It leads #1 on UK chart defeates her school mate, Adele with ‘Someone Like You’. Price tag is a song with a catchy R&B with upbeat tune and a bit reggae. The song talks about people who always has an opinion that money is everything, infact money can’t buy people happiness. People always want to get much money in life so she says on the chorus  (“ain’t about the Cha-Ching Cha-Ching, ain’t about the Ba-Bling Ba-Bling”). The cute lyrics put on this song is the main reason why it is so catchy to listen to.
Different with Price Tag, the next single of Jessie is more slower and more considered as inspirational song for people. in this song, she tries to tell that everyone may have problems and people should not give up of it. Never surrender and try to be okay.  
Abracadabra’ may be somewhat nonsensical and ridiculous (“I gotta have ya like abracadabra”) proclaims the chorus.
Other songs are Nobody’s Perfect, Big White Room,  Casualty of Love, Rainbow, Who’s Laughing Now, Do It Like a Dude, Mamma Knows Best, L.O.V.E, Stand Up, I Need This.
In this album, she cooperates with Dr. Luke, Toby Gad, and K-Gee. The album first-week sales of 34,000 copies.
Sean Adams of Drowned in Sound  was equally gives negative comment, he wrote that the album “is riddled with so-called vocal performances that are a half a step above an X Factor audition”, called it “a starchy soulless slop” and eventually described it as “an ‘urban’ ‘pop’ record made to fade in the background in lobbies and cafes, and, yeah, mandem-mandem, squawk, squawk”. Haha
Other hand, Andy Gill from The Independent noticed “the distinctly transatlantic nature of her style” and praised the songs “Do It Like A Dude” and “Who’s Laughing Now” . (Lita)


written on April 28th, 2011.


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