New Experiment in Writing

Jogja Artist’s Fine Wood Carvings Preserve Memories | Jakarta Globe

Semester 6 expects us to be more creative in writing. We get a “Creative Writing” class for one semester toward. Nicole is the teacher.  Unfortunately, she could not continue teaching because she had to go back home to America to look after her mother who has been very ill. Well, i thought that there would not be a class because i had no idea who was gonna substitute her. But, I’d like to thank Miss Nicole to bring Mas Dalih as a speaker guest in the beginning of ‘Creative Writing’ class so there he is. He is now substituting Nicole and well he gave us a final assignment to make a feature article. dang! i even didn’t know how to differentiate which one was features and which one was article. how stupid i was. LOL but that was making me tough. you know why? i became so often to read and google about it. learned and started to make a strategy to have an article that would be fit to be published in Jakarta Globe. and see? my group included Aulia Fransisca and Sulistiyaningrum did it. our first article was published in Jakarta Globe. haha somewhat norak but i think you understand me why. once again, thanks to Nicole. and Mas Dalih for the brilliant idea giving this kind of assignment 😀

kiss kiss


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