Home is where I can eat a lot

Home is where I can cry a lot

Home is where I can sleep too much

Home is where I can hope too much

Home is where I can laugh too loud

Home is where I can sing too loud

Home is where I can share everything to my parents

Home is where I can discuss everything with my parents

Home, why I keep returning?

Home, why I look ugly?

Home, why I feel lazy?

Home, why I plant hopes?

Home, why always exciting?


“if love is only exist on my dream, don’t wake me up.”

Last night, Mel had a dream again about love. A love that she doesn’t really get in her real life. A love that she really can’t feel in the reality. She gets hurt, she gets pain as she tries to fall in. therefore, the dream last night was the second time for her to feel the happiness of love. Someone told her that he really loved her. He held her hands, stared at her eyes, and said that he wanted to be with her. Nothing to feel except being grateful of what she felt. She felt love. A happy love. A happiness that she couldn’t find in the essence of love in her real life.

That was the second dream. The first dream was really blowing Mel’s mind. It was just as happy as the second. Mel was proposed. “What on earth was my dream last night” said Mel. Mel was surprised by a man in a suit bringing a ring on his right hand. Very gentle. Mel was never ever felt this thing. Mel never dated someone. Mel was the first time to dream about a settlement. Mel was the first time to feel a happy love.

That was just a dream, Mel. That was just a sleep successions of images, ideas, emotions and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. That was nothing.

She realizes that she has been in love but what she has been getting is pain. She has been crying so much. She has been killing.  She doesn’t want to give a name for love with bad thing. She appreciates love. She serves a good love. Then, she never chases for the pain. She wants to be chased for those who needs a good good love. She is not giving up. She just tries to protect the essence of love itself. Gentle and sweet.

If she never gets what she wants to get. If she never gets like the other get, she says:

“if love is only exist on my dream, don’t wake me up.”

Path to Love

Walk on a path…

Meet new people along the way

You say hello, and hardly to say goodbye

Head down-head up, look down-look straight

Burned by the sun, wet by the rain

Small steps to walk, fast hits to run

Stop by, walk on again

‘Till you find a place you can stay

‘Till you find a place you can call home

A reason to come back

A reason to a love

You have bombs that once i want to defuse

Long road, long journey that i choose

You make me confused with clues that you use and i mind to refuse

Don’t want to blame the one i don’t want to lose


This way is devious, let’s we take a booze.