Soulmate Is Definetely for Everyone

Sticking with an old cliche that says “soulmate does not go anywhere” is right. Everyone has destined to have someone to love to each other. The soulmate will come exactly at the right time, on the right moment, and at the right place. All that matters is that you should believe it.

I almost gave up on chasing up a true love, though. Yet, the other side of me said that “the levee will break if it keeps on raining”. So, i believed that i would reap in due season. I would have the one that i had been thinking of. The one who i gave my love for. The one who i wish i shared a house with. I would. However, what can human do? We can only have a plan, God sets everything up.

Guess what now! Do i get all those things i wanted? I bet you expect the same with me, but the fact is that i got the other one. Other one is way much better. He came at the moment that was so right. The time when i was in stage of heavy emotion that i couldnt bear alone. Thanks, God. He is mature and helpful, and handsome, and smart, clean, religious, affective, loyal, protective, responsible, honest, and freakingly has an eye to detail. Shit! Things i hate about him are he is a selfish lion, stubborn, a big head with unarguable arguments. And always own the debate big time. Argh, and i love him so much. Yeaha, the last part should be a good one. Haha
What i am going to say is that those who you think they are good for you sometimes show the opposite, and it also goes the other way around. Um… Clear to say, our wishes won’t always be true, yet better things will always be.

After, been going through life so that long, finally i find myself taken. Haha gross. But that is true, im taken, arent i? So um.. Definitely, soulmate is for everyone, people! Just wait for your time to come!

Um… Another thing is that after you find the love of your life, love him passionately. Surely he comes up to your life for a reason. He is a gift. But, if you find yourself unhappy, this isnt because your love hurts you, it’s because of happiness aint a destination, it should always be a journey. Dont you ever think that after getting what you want, happiness will follow. It’s no. So, Brace yourself, and dont be discouraged, love seekers!

Lots of love, Lita.


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