Back to Live A Life


It’s been a while not sharing here. i had been so busy seeking schools, and preparing all requirements to study abroad. You might be thinking now that i am typing in another land, another space, another country. Well, i am still in our adorable motherland, Indonesia, guys. 🙂

It is a long story to tell such a journey like mine. Yet, it’ll be cool to share a life-lesson to all of my friends.

Guys, that was for the very first time. Things would not work out the way they were supposed to for me. What i want should be what i should have. But, i did not know why it was so difficult to just enroll to one of those universities. Maybe, it was not the right time to go or it was me who was not credible. That got me second-guessing myself. Doubt and discouraged. The heart was so exhausted as well as my physical strength.

I was not drowning too deep to this kind of problem though. i still had a plan B to take. Even though, everyone recognizes that the plan B is not as good as the plan A. Still, the plan B must be second best. So, here i am. I’m taking master’s degree in such a cool school in communication in Jakarta. Man, i love communication. Finally, i have found that this major fits me so perfectly. I love this school too. A thing that i love the most is doing an international examination to plan a campaign/strategy under a course named Strategic Issues Management under Edith Cowan University supervision. Cool, right? things that i had not had in my previous college.

Uh.. but that’s not the point of telling the life-lesson. What i am going to say is that you are allowed to be frowned once you get failed but don’t be too under. Things won’t work out does not mean you get out but it’s just a step closer to an answer other things going to turn out. It always works that way. Life must go on and every end is a new beginning.

Head up, plan up, live up.

So, are you willing to be courageous enough to take it and see what’s possible?

Lots of love,