The Proposal

Dear everyone,
Hello! Been a while not blogging. Maybe, you’ve just missed everyone’s birthday. 😀 For sure, you’ve also missed my birthday last July. It was just another birthday though. Nothing was so special at the moment.

Birthdays, eid mubarak, thesis final submission, tears, fights, hugs, laughs are things that you have missed about. A year that has been totally dramatic.

But, the only thing that got my full attention was the moment when my man declared in very different way of saying that he was being serious with me. Every man is saying they are serious with their relationships. But, the problem is the ‘serious’ word is only a thing. Seriously, i mean, i am serious that ‘serious’ does not have any meaning when it is not followed by serious action.

Now, the question is not again whether or not he is serious to your relationship. The question should be whether or not he will prove it.

And i have experienced it myself. It felt sooo different, at the first time we dated in September 2013, when he said to me he was serious with me that he wanted to be with me for the rest of his life. I was happy at the moment. You know, it was like, i was blessed and lucky to get a responsible man who was brave enough to step into an adult relationship. While me was still being in doubt with my adolesence.

Yes, it was blowing my mind at the first time i heard that serious kind of thing.

But somehow, when minutes went to hours, days went to months, and months went to a year, our relationship seemed going nowhere. Sure, he brought his family to my home. But none of them even spoke about that ‘serious thing’. Oh my god. It was confusing… i just could not wait and guess further how we might end up.

All of these confusing matters were running away until he told me this…

(Here i’m gonna tell you from the beginning.)

This moment happened a day after i got hired by one of MNCs as a secretary in Jakarta. He, Duta Ajie Gumara, phoned me in the afternoon. And here’s the dialogue:

Duta: kamu bulan Februari di rumah atau di Jakarta?

Me: kalau kamu mau aku di rumah, ya aku pulang. tapi kalau weekend yah… secara aku bakal udah mulai kerja.

Duta: oh gitu ya… kalau tanggal 7 atau tanggal 14 kamu mau pilih yang mana? Kalo tangga 7, papa baru pulang dari Kalimantan sih, jadi agak buru-buru kalo tanggal segitu.

Me: loh kamu mau ngapain emangnya?

Duta: duta sama keluarga duta mau ke rumah kamu lagi, duta mau ngelamar kamu.

The world broke into pieces, my hearts melted away, i was suddenly deaf-and-mute. I have lost my words to speak. I even did not feel what i was feeling. I was happy, scared, flattered, sad, angry, i didn’t know what it was. Until i literally dropped my tears for a second and started to speak again…

Me: kamu serius?

Duta: iya aku serius.

Guys, that is what i am talking about! A serious word turned into a serious action. :’)

He proved it.

Pheeeeeew! So i know right now why those girls are crying when their men are down on their knees.


You can guess for yourself how happy i was.

And then, it still went so smooth until the D-day which was in Saturday, February 14th 2015.

In our tradition, lamaran is held in a girl’s house. The family of the man comes to the girl’s house with bringing some hantaran. The process of putting the ring on our fingers are done with the help of our mothers. So, his mom put the ring on my finger, and my mother did the same to my fiancé’s. After this process had already done. I remember that we were hugging and crying to each other. Alhamdulillah, i was blessed. :’)

After that, we got a serious conversation together talking about the date when the wedding would be held.
It is also one of the series in lamaran thing by the way, make an agreement for the wedding date. I love this part. ❤

So here i am, typing it with the same feelings that are stuck still in my mind and my heart. A moment to remember.

Anyways, back to the serious serious serious things. Seemingly i have been writing serious things here and there a lot today. lol
Don’t worry guys, everything will be more serious at the right time, by the way. Haha

I’m gonna catch you up again soon after i have done my thesis defense on friday, October 3rd 2015. Yes! I will have my graduating paper exam in three weeks now. Wish me luck! May Allah ease my final exam. Amin.

Oh! You wonder when my wedding will be held? Keep scrolling!!!

See ya! xxx


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